Love at first sight.

An age old debate and my most recent thoughts about love and most significantly, where it all begins…

When does love begin? At first sight like all the books and songs and epic movie scripts have us believe? Does it start when you shake their hand or catch their eye, an electric current between two souls finally seeing each other for the first time? Or were they all wrong because how can you love someone who’s mind you’ve never explored and body you’ve never wandered? Do you really need to know what makes them tick to know that this could be the greatest love story since Romeo and Juliet? Or do you need more time to make sure it doesn’t end in a Shakespearean tragedy, one we fight so hard to avoid? 

Maybe love comes in all forms. Maybe love as we think we know it isn’t all there is to it. Some things are beyond our control; a terrible accident, a twist of fate, coincidences too strange to understand… and unexplained matters of the heart. Sometimes I think it’s the hopeless romantic in me that wants to believe I’ll never fall simply for pretty lies and a handsome face in the name of being told I’m loved. But that same hopeless romantic could also be right. She could be the difference between a well rehearsed player and a soulmate across the street. And when she tells me so, I feel I owe it to her to listen. 

Fear stops us from many things. Sometimes for our own good or lives but sometimes it’s like an alarm going off because you burned your morning toast. Fear lies, and doubts, and strings you along. Lust can do that too. But I’ve never believed love to lie.

When love starts may be up for debate but I think I know enough now to know who to chase and who to let go. Love at first sight exists and I simply believe in that. Whatever comes next is life but that spark, that love, that’s real and it’s there. It grows or fades or gets brighter or all sorts of things get in the way like an obstacle course you didn’t want to run. Hence, you can trust someone you don’t love and love someone you’ll never trust. Relationships and love are not the same thing and we forget that. 

All I know is that when my heart knows something to be true, I follow it. And therefore, persuing the truth is surely the only thing worth anything at all. 💜

Love, Suzy.


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