Ode to 21st Century dating.

How the god damn hell, and I mean literal hell, did dating turn our brains to this insecure mush?!

A fireball of self doubt and text backs not received, now it’s 2017 the year of “JUST SAY IT”, and all I’ve learned is how to hold my tongue, type with my thumbs, and scroll and share my way around this latest love interest. 

Crush is a pretty apt word for a millennial like me. More like avalanche and bury me alive why don’t you.

Do I send another message 3 hours and 4 minutes later, risk them thinking I’m one of those clingy crazy cat ladies, with nothing better to do than force conversation. 

Waiting to see if I pass this bullsh*t test I never wanted to take.

Jesus Christ I wasn’t built for all these games. If this is dating today, I beg you drop me the f*** out.When I signed up to like you, I didn’t sign up for scrabble, for a game of bloody jenga with my heart and yours.

Do I suggest a coffee or is that taking it, gasp, too fast? You know, 21st century love is far too messed up for me.

When I’m ready to talk I will open my mouth and talk, I will invite you to sit opposite me, phones under table, eyes wide with conversation and adventures we want.

I will say what I feel, when I feel it bubble out my heart and to hell with the rulebook on dating.

I’m shaking this sh*t up and you’re coming with me.


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