You can’t always get what you want. Or can you?

Maybe 13 year old me had got it right. Life that is. From as young as I can remember, all I ever wanted was a cat. One that slept on my bed and played with toy mice, one that would meow when I got home from school and looked cute enough to cuddle. I wanted this cat more than I ever pleaded for any barbie doll or PlayStation game. As for what I wanted from my life, apart from a short stint of wanting to be a teacher (god knows why), all I wanted to do was work in an office. To a slightly naive me, offices were bright, busy places where I could wear glamorous clothes and use a computer a whole bunch of the time. Of course I didn’t know about the reality of the workplace back then but it seemed like a good job nonetheless.

Fast forward to being the long awaited adult I couldn’t wait to be. I now own a very handsome black and white cat, and I work in an office. You’d think having what I always thought I wanted, I’d be set for life. Wrong. We all know that’s not how life works and how growing up is tough – and childishly disappointing – at the best of times. So on top of that, I’ve somehow forgotten what I used to dream about, whilst inadvertently receiving said things. And yet despite being so obvious you may as well swing a cat around my head or wave my payslip in front of my face… I still forget that I have what a younger me always wanted. Wow.

And the worst thing is, I probably don’t even realise that all the new things I’m wanting now, I may well have one day when it’s right. I only got my cat when we moved to a place that allowed them, when we felt financially stable enough to get the right insurance in place to cover surprise vets bills. And I ended up working in an office almost by accident, after leaving school early and not knowing what I was even doing with my life. Sometimes, these things just happen and fall into place. 

The trouble with me, and I’d hazard a guess as to the rest of us too, we want everything now. We all know it and maybe it’s consumerism, maybe it’s the fast paced modern world, or maybe it’s just being human. But what about when we get what we want? We get that house? That career? That relationship? At what point do we start craving the next thing in order to find this mystical place called happiness? Search me. All I know is that good things do come our way, but it’s up to us to appreciate them for all they are when they do.

I know I’m an impatient person… but here’s a secret. Life’s the most patient thing to exist. It doesn’t speed up – or slow down – just because I ask it to. So in the meantime, also known as the present, I guess I owe it to 13 year old me to just exist right now – and to revel in having exactly what I always wanted. And I truly urge you all to try doing the same in the New Year. Because I think happiness, for the most part, might just be as simple as that.

Love, Suzy. 


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