For the one I’ve not told… yet.

I finally messaged you last week and waited anxiously for your reply, which you did on the 11th to be precise,

I never believed in those 11.11 wishes but maybe someone is out there listening.

I’ve spent so long thinking about what I’d say to you when given the chance to break the ice,

I never believed it would feel like a pick axe in my heart as I read your replies.

I’m not sure how to keep us talking about life, our frankly awesome taste in music and bucket-lists,

I never believed I’d actually have to decide to bite the bullet… or run.

I’m not good at this game of cat and mouse, of knowing the rules everyone else has written,

I never believed I’d have to play to win or face being left with nothing at all.

For the one I’ve not told… yet:

I’ve not told you I’d like to go for coffee, to see your face up close, look in your eyes and suggest we do this more often,

I never believed in making the first move, but that was before I met you, and maybe everything’s changed now. 


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