For the one I never told.

I never told you how I wanted to laugh out loud the day you came in looking for your long lost hockey stick,

Maybe my teeth were stuck together with an invisible gum shield that day.

I never smiled back when you smiled the kind of smile everyone comments on because it’s the cheeky kind,

Maybe I was too busy trying to look anywhere but your upturned mouth.

I never got to say goodbye when you went travelling to find adventure, work and maybe even yourself,

Maybe I hoped by the time you returned I’d have become someone you may like.

I never told you I liked the way your eyes shined and that hearing stories about you being drunk made me smile,

Maybe I realised that not everyone you wish you knew needs to be known.

For the one I never told:

I’ve never told you a lot of things I started to feel,

Maybe I thought that one day you may no longer be the person I want to tell it to.


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