Why we need pain.

By definition, pain is unpleasant. A physical pain or emotional pain can bring a person to their knees. But it can also make a person someone they never thought they could be.

A little inspired by one of my favourite bands and their song “Superheroes”.. Here’s why turning pain into power is something we all need to do.

Happiness can only come when you’ve known pain. I truly believe in that to become something great, you have to know what it’s like to be at the bottom of something, whatever that may be. Without war, we wouldn’t know what peace is. Without losing, we would all be winners.. Or losers? Without break ups and illness we wouldn’t know what it feels like to be happy when we do find love or miracles happen and someone survives. They say there’s no smoke without fire and in much the same way, pain makes sure you have to feel it before you move on to better things. It’s cause and effect. I see it as life’s own test… If you pass this one, you get to experience life to the full. And if you don’t? Then you never grow. Simple as that. And you’ll be surprised how much humans can handle when it comes down to the wire. We are built to be our own superheroes sometimes.

Another thing that pain influences is our ability to create beautiful things as well as be them. Music, art, literature… All the greats of creativity have known pain. That’s the one place where someone’s solitude and expression mix to create something no contented person has time for. That’s not to say Mozart was an unhappy man nor all our favourite authors are depressed… More that they have known and seen pain and put those experiences into something beautiful. Humans are built of skin and bone but also of emotions and there’s a million of those out there, good and bad. It’s feeling them all that makes us who we are.

When you think about being happy, it’s actually moments. Moments of being content are often followed by moments of boredom or sadness or whatever life has thrown your way. Go with it, because you have to. Hold onto the happy memories and give pain the cold shoulder as much as it does to you. Fed up, heartbroken or down on your luck, there is always something out there for you to hold on to. Even pain itself.

I hope this wasn’t too much of a disheartening post. In fact, I hope it’s made you think about pain a little different as I’ve done lately. No ones asking you to like it… but try to tolerate it. Because we’ve never had an easy ride of it and we’re never going to! But that’s the beauty of life and maybe happiness comes from knowing exactly that. The only thing to remember is to not let pain change you for the worst. Use it, power through it – but don’t let it make you bitter about it.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be..

Love, Suzy.


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