Still waters run deep.

Every so often, you meet a person who gives nothing much away. At least at first. Quiet is too obvious a word and in fact it’s the wrong word completely. A lot can go on behind someones composed exterior and that intrigues me more than anything. Of all the people I have met, the ones that have taught me the most about life are those that don’t need to say a lot at all.

I always wonder what is behind a persons eyes. They say that eyes are like windows to the soul and I really believe that. With a quiet person, sometimes telling someone exactly what’s wrong is difficult, especially if you’re not close. But when you look past the smile and start to notice their eyes, their body language, their subtle words… you get a sense of what’s really going on. Meeting people like this has helped me learn a lot about humans in general. We all like to be heard but some just don’t know how to shout about it. I suppose I know so much about that ‘quiet’ person because i’m much the same.

I’m a master at writing things down and getting everything out in words. I guess you could call my blogs a diary if I were to actually write them in a little book by my bed. All the quotes I post and the books I read just give me an outlet to say all the things I don’t out loud. And I think so many others are the same out there, in fact I’m lucky enough to be friends with a couple. Maybe it’s music or maybe it’s art or maybe none of those things – but I guarantee they speak to the world somehow. You just have to look a little harder with some people. And that’s the most important thing to learn. The world needs listeners and doers as much as it needs speakers and leaders.

When I meet a quiet person now, I don’t judge. Too many people have given me a chance to come out of myself that I owe it to everyone else to do the same. And in the end… they do say still waters run deep. If you never talk to the quiet one in the room, you could end up missing out on a great friend, an enlightening conversation (yes, we do have a lot to say) or even a soul mate. You never know what’s behind a shy smile.

We may not be the loudest, bounciest or most obvious but we’re certainly the shoulders and ears of the world.

Love, Suzy.


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