Everything has it’s time.

Love, success, recognition, even happiness. Everything you strive for will eventually settle into it’s rightful place in your life. And for some of us it just takes a little more time to get that right.

Sometimes it can feel like everyone is running that little bit faster than you and everyone is moving through life’s huge milestones and you can’t keep up. The challenge isn’t to beat them or even try to keep up, but to realise it wouldn’t be your race to win anyway. They’re on their own course and setting their own speed. It’s only really been this past year (call it growing up) that I realised I HAVE to start slowing down in order to achieve anything at all.

Putting down a 5 year plan will never work. And a 10 year plan is emotional suicide. Plans are good for essays and business reports and scheduling meetings. But life isn’t a rota you can just stick on a wall and follow to the date. It has highs and lows. It has days when you’ll make no progress at all followed by a year when you’ll make so many changes you have to take a holiday just to breathe. Because that’s what life is. An unplanned chain of events. And setting goals and making plans will just wind up with you feeling disappointed in yourself. And there’s nothing worse than that.

Snails pace or as fast as a cheetah, do everything you do in your own way. A career minded person won’t have time for travelling the world, therefore won’t make it a priority. Similarly a family man won’t care if he works for minimum wage as long as he gets to see his babies every day after work. You see how everyone’s different and that’s OK? You see how people have their own goals to follow and the time they take to accomplish them doesn’t detract from your efforts at all? Believe and trust in yourself because you’re all you’ve got. And I’ll leave you with this:

Everyone in your life will come and go as they’re supposed to. Believe that wholeheartedly or you’re likely to go mad. And everything you achieve will be just right for you. Embrace the knockbacks and down days – because maybe, just maybe, they’re setting you up for a future that you’ve no idea about.

Love, Suzy.


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