The (non-existent) love life of a single girl.

Sh**, he saw me looking… well this is awkward… damage control: pretend you were admiring that pigeon eating rubbish…

And that ladies and gentleman is pretty much the extent of my love life these days. I’m sure a lot more of you out there, maybe reading this, who feel the same. Right? Guys? *tumbleweed*

I’m now 1000% sure that it sucks to be a hopeless romantic when the closest thing to romance I get is when I answer the door to the pizza delivery guy wearing nothing but a dressing gown. Although that might just be bordering on inappropriate…

Surely there’s a light at the end of the single tunnel? I’m thinking… ugly duckling turns into swan? Cinderella eventually gets her man? Well, at least i’m hopeful if nothing else! I know, I know, it will happen and it won’t be forever. But soppy love songs don’t quite have the same ring to them when you’ve no one to think about.

So i’ve decided that until I find my prince charming (he doesn’t actually have to be a Prince), that staring at passers by is my single-person right. But maybe i’ll just be more discreet next time *cue awkward eye contact moments*

Life is great, but sometimes I think it’d be that tiniest bit better with someone to share my pizza with.

Love, Suzy.


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