Gut instinct.

Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Something besides your brain telling you that something isn’t quite right? That’s your gut. A kind of built in instinct that we take for granted and often ignore. And I’m sure that it knows us better than we think we know ourselves. In fact I’m convinced.

One of the worst things we do as humans is lie. Particularly lying to ourselves. When we’re not sure of a situation, we try to figure out what the right thing to do is. We ask others, we get advice, we do everything except listen to our gut. We ignore that little voice in the back of our mind telling us the exact choice we need to make. But whether through fear or uncertainty, we will not trust it. God forbid we do that! When in fact it’s the best kind of self awareness we have. Almost like an internal compass that’s already been set in the right direction. It’s something deep down inside us that seems to know the path we should be heading down and is free from the biases of others and the world around us. But do we listen? No. In fact we only stop and take notice when we’ve taken so many wrong turns we don’t know who else to turn to.

Often I’m guilty of all of this. I try my best to be as aware as possible and generally do follow my heart. But recently for example, I found myself doing something I know wasn’t like ‘me’ and I wasn’t 100% comfortable with. Instead of listening to my own gut I carried on… Eventually winding up feeling plain dumb. If only I’d listened in the first instance. Better late than never I guess but that’s another lesson well learnt.

I guess what we all need to remember is that we don’t have this gut instinct for nothing. It’s got human beings through the toughest of times over the past countless thousands of years and no doubt will continue to.

I have to learn to trust myself, be myself and where I can, help those I love to do the same. Trust your gut/heart/intuition… It knows best.

Love, Suzy.


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