“I don’t know who St Valentine was, but I hope he died alone surrounded by couples.”

A brilliant quote inspired by a universal bitterness of single people everywhere. If you have ever watched Miranda on the BBC you will know exactly what i’m talking about. But for those of you who have little time to be watching box sets about a 30-something awkward, single woman tripping over her own feet then I shall explain.

February 14th may still be over a month away but like all holidays, the Great British high street has already starting draping its card and gift shops in that familiar combination of love hearts and cupids. Romantic for some, sickly for the rest of us. I can’t pop to the supermarket to pick up a meal for one without passing the card shops with eager couples buying the biggest card they can for their loved one, or glance at Ann Summers reminding all of us single people exactly what we’re missing out on. Thanks for that. And don’t even mention the non-existence of Valentine cards and messages. *sobs*.

So maybe i’m a little jealous. Okay, very jealous of it all. For most of the year I can bear the nights alone and usually a night under my duvet with a glass of red wine and a Rom-Com is enough. But January hits, Christmas is over, it’s still bitterly cold – and all you have to look forward to is hearing about Valentine’s day. Can we catch a break?!

Let’s flip it…

I’m being a tad bitter so here’s what I’m going to do and please join me. Embrace the season. If we have no-one to treat then we’re going to treat ourselves! Book a spa day or city break with the girls. Buy those shoes, have that manicure and get your hair done. And I know there’s single guys out there too so you do whatever it is you do, go do it. We may feel like we’re missing out on something pretty great but I guess we can’t have everything right?! And you never know, the season could be having an effect on a single guy or girl out there just waiting for a moment to be a little spontaneous and romantic. And if not, there’s always next year. Ever the optimist.

In short, Valentine’s Day is a little disappointing for some of us – but it won’t always be. When you do have someone special to share it with, make sure you do it well. You will owe it to your old single self!

So in the meantime – if you can’t beat them, join them! 

Love, Suzy.


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