People should fall in love with their eyes closed.

Is this phrase used enough to be considered a cliché? Because it should be. It seems that the most overused phrases and tales are the most ignored and that’s the wrong way round.

We seem to follow patterns and trends and maybe as humans, that’s what we’re designed to do. We want to fit in, know what’s ‘hot’ and be on the ball with life. And in this day and age that’s even more pronounced. We want to be constantly inundated with the latest updates so we don’t fall behind the light speed media world. News, tweets, gossip… we want to know it all now.

But the trouble is, it hasn’t stopped there. The 140 character limitation on what we tell the world has meant an inevitable condensation of information we choose to tell about our lives and more importantly, us. And we expect that kind of perfection when we look for qualities in others. A checklist of superficial features, perfect personality traits and that all important ‘cool’ persona.

Well I don’t buy it. People aren’t perfect. Far from. For example, I can be stubborn and bossy. I am easily distracted when I should be doing my job. I don’t always do my eyebrows as routinely as I should if i’m not doing anything other than work that day. I wear embarrassing pyjamas and sometimes I eat salad straight out the bag on a Saturday night. And taking all that into account, it’s no wonder i’m still single!

So I return to my point. People should definitely go back to falling in love with their eyes closed. You have bad traits, it’s normal. But learn to recognise that everyone, yes even glossy celebrities, have flaws. They just chose to leave that out of their tweets – I mean, ‘normal and everyday’ never made for a good gossipy headline. So for everyone else… flaws are out there, in their thousands. Flawed looks, flawed traits and flawed choices. But in-between all that is the good. The good hearts, the good features and the good conversation. The good things that make you love a person. You don’t have to love the bad bits, just accept them! It’s okay, I promise.

Strip back your public façade and show the real you a lot more. No one’s asking you to instagram non filtered versions of yourself at 6am, no one needs to see that in reality. But do bear in mind next time you’re comparing your 6am self to someone’s seemingly perfect body lying on a beach with their 1000 friends that chances are, they’re sitting in their cat pyjamas eating a double cheese pizza alone as they’re posting that.

Be vain and be social online, and offline if that’s you. After all it’s a bit of fun and harmless. But be careful not to get so wrapped up in that world that you edit yourself to fit into everyone’s ‘perfect’ lives.

Don’t compare everyone else’s highlights reel to your behind-the-scenes. Now there’s a saying that should become a new cliché. And be listened to at that…

See the world as what it is, not perfect, and one day, someone not so perfect will fall in love with your not so perfect face but love you, pretty much perfectly.

Love, Suzy.


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